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About the Open Risk Manual

The Open Risk Manual is an open online repository of information for risk management developed and maintained by Open Risk and contributing Authors. The objective is to create a comprehensive, detailed, authoritative collection of risk management resources that are easily accessible by anybody, anywhere - well, network access is currently required! You can read more about the concept here.

Featured Categories

The table below organizes some of the currently available risk manual articles in a convenient set of categories. Keep in mind that an article can appear in several categories (and there are many more categories than those in the table). Would you like to recommend a new category? Use the feedback button at the bottom of the page!

Credit Portfolio Management

Risk Management


Credit Risk


Business Risk

Operational Risk

Market Risk

Distributed Ledgers


Model Risk

Quantitative Tools

Machine Learning


Open Data

Open Source

Data Privacy

Products and Markets


European Finance

EBA Templates

How To's

Historical Events

Awaiting Contributions

Featured Entries

Looking for significant latest additions? Here we showcase various individual risk manual entries or collections of such entries:

Graphical Browsers

Besides searching for articles by keyword, the Open Risk Manual offers a number of options to browse using visual category trees

Related Projects

If you are interested to contribute to the sibling effort of an open source risk platform please take a look here. Open Risk uses the Risk Manual also as repository of model documentation for the Open Risk Platform.

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