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Improving Existing Articles

It is a good idea (especially if you are new to wiki's) to start your contributions with improving existing articles

  • Adding content sections
  • Adding references
  • Correcting / updating existing content
  • Adding diagrams or other advanced features (See Template for options)

Creating New Articles

When to Start a New Article

The Risk Manual is inspired by Wikipedia, uses the same underlying technology and aims to promote the same powerful community based outcome. It is therefore the aim to re-use and link to the Wikipedia knowledge base in a seamless way whenever it is deemed that the corresponding articles are adequate for the purposes of the Risk Manual.

How To Start a New Article

  • Start a new article using the standard Template and add/delete sections as necessary. This will ensure a consistent structure across articles
    • Enter the article title into search box to check whether it may already exist
    • Pay attention to capitalization: The wiki treats "Risk management" as a different page from "Risk Management".
    • The convention is to capitalize all nouns, verbs and adjectives, while connectives can be either way
  • Use the mediawiki syntax if you would like to add more structure to your comments
  • Use latex markup if you would like to include some equations or other mathematical notation
  • Check this entry for all Advanced Features
  • Add appropriate Categories (Tags) at the end of the article

Do's and Don't

  • Abide by the Terms and Conditions
  • Remember, its a Manual, not a Blog
  • Keep you contribution terse and to the point
  • When in doubt, cut it out
  • Use the "Issues and Challenges" section for documenting any issues and challenges

Discussion Pages

The Discussion (Talk) pages is the convenient place to comment, debate and agree on Manual articles

Contributing Author Etiquette

To ensure the integrity and proper functioning of this facility - for the benefit of everybody, all Contributing Authors are requested to abide by the following rules:

  • Add clarifications or other useful information at the special section (Talk Page) that is available for each entry of the manual. See here for an example
  • Do not delete or otherwise interfere with other users contributions unless you have consent
  • In case of a dispute with other Authors, please contact the administrators

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