GHG Project Protocol

From Open Risk Manual


The GHG Protocol for Project Accounting (Project Protocol) provides specific principles, concepts, and methods for quantifying and reporting GHG reductions - i.e., the decreases in GHG emissions, or increases in removals and/or storage - from climate change mitigation projects (See GHG Project).

The Project Protocol is the culmination of a four-year multi-stakeholder dialogue and consultation process, designed to draw knowledge and experience from a wide range of expertise. During its development, more than twenty developers of GHG projects from ten countries “road tested” a prototype version of the Protocol, and more than a hundred experts reviewed it.

The Project Protocol’s objectives are to:

  • Provide a credible and transparent approach for quantifying and reporting GHG reductions from GHG projects;
  • Enhance the credibility of GHG project accounting through the application of common accounting concepts, procedures, and principles; and
  • Provide a platform for harmonization among different project-based GHG initiatives and programs.