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Syed Adeel Hussain is working as an Independent Risk Management Trainer and Consultant. He was working as the Section Head of ERM Practice and Methodology in the IFAD - Internal Financial Audit Department, at a Dalah Al Baraka Industrial Investment Group Co based in the KSA. Over the years, he as a CRO- Chief Risk Officer, has developed an exhaustive understanding of risks that exist in both Shari'a and Conventional Finance related Investments and Financing/Lending Products. He has invaluable experiences to share with respect to setting up and restructuring of Financial Risk Management Departments at Islamic Banks and Asset Management Firms. This includes developing policy and procedure manuals, recruiting of staff, imparting Risk Training/s and preparing the entire SDI (System, Design & Installation) workflow frameworks for the department itself.

International Professional Experience/s: • Afghanistan - Kabul • KSA - Jeddah • UAE – Dubai • Pakistan - Karachi • Yemen – Sana’a • Bahrain.- Manama • Sudan - Khartoum

★Currently the candidate is seeking fresh opportunities in Financial Risk Management.

Other highlights of his professional background that may be of interest to you include:

★Assisted in Implementation of the Basel 2 Capital Accord Guidelines at more than four Commercial Banks in letter and spirit.

★Conducted various Public-Workshops in Risk Management at leading training institutes.

★Implementation of GIPS - (Global Investment Professional Standards) and AMC (Asset Manager Code) at various Asset Management Firms.

Specialties: ► Financial Risk Management (R programming skills) • Business and Risk Analytics • Statistical Learning Models in Data Sciences • Treasury Risk Management • Basel Accords • COSO Internal Controls Framework • IFSB Guidelines on Capital Adequacy • Derivatives Pricing and Modeling • Staff Training Programs • Alternative Investments • Asset Management • Islamic Finance