CPV Category 39-5-6-3 - Textile Wadding, Yarns, Fabrics And Articles For Technical Uses

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The Common Procurement Vocabulary Category 39-5-6-3 concerns textile wadding, yarns, fabrics and articles for technical uses.


This CPV Category contains the following CPV Sub-Categories:

Sub-Category Code Description
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-100 Textile wadding
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-200 Metallised yarn
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-300 Woven fabrics of metal thread
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-400 Impregnated, coated or covered textile fabrics
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-500 Textile articles for technical uses
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-510 Textile hosepiping
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-520 Textile conveyor belts
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-530 Ventilation ducting
CPV Sub-Category 39-5-6-3-600 Quilted textile products