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Welcome to the OpenRisk Regulatory Documentation Database

Key Facts

OpenRisk develops and puts in the public domain online wiki (see here for description of wiki wiki) versions of published regulatory documentation (PDF and/or HTML files).

The aim of the regulatory documentation database is to facilitate the use and understanding of these important resources by the wider community.

The RegDB wiki is free to use (editing is restricted to registered users).

All copyright and other intellectual property rights of the publications included in the regulatory database remain with the respective authoring institutions.

There is no implicit endorsement or affiliation of this website with any regulatory body.

Please review again our no-warranty disclaimers versus the use of the material provided here.

RegDB overview

Here we describe briefly regulatory resources that have been integrated at present:

BIS Abstract Collection

The database includes a comprehensive list of documents issued by BCBS categorized by subject and date

CEBS Guidelines for Concentration Risk Management

The database includes an online version of the CEBS / EBA Guidelines (2010) for Concentration Risk Management

Asset Quality Review Manual

The database includes an online version of the Asset Quality Review Manual (Phase 2) a methodology document published by the European Central Bank on March 2014.

The ECB is performing a comprehensive assessment prior to assuming full responsibility for supervision under the single supervisory mechanism in November 2014.

The asset quality review (AQR) is one of the components of the comprehensive assessment, which aims to enhance the transparency of bank exposures by reviewing the quality of banks’ assets, including the adequacy of asset and collateral valuation and related provisions.

The AQR Phase 2 Manual has been written for the national competent authorities (NCAs - national regulators) and their third party support to provide the information necessary to execute Phase 2 of the Asset Quality Review (AQR). Phase 2 of the AQR began in full following the completion of the portfolio selection in mid-February 2014. This manual provides the detailed methodology for the exercise.

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